Thursday, 13 December 2007

Questions With Lil Wayne

I had the chance to speak to lil wayne today and this here is what he said.

Whatsup man

Wayne: whats hoodie fam

Krooked1: I would like to ask about the picture that surfaced onto the net u no which one

Wayne: That is my pops ya no love is love live truthfully we aint scripting our existence we love each other

Krooked1: but dont you think its gay kissing another guy on the lips?

Wayne: Hell no like i said thats my pops right there so it aint any bad feelin

Krooked1: i see about 3 million lil wayne mixtapes a month and they all suck ass so why do u call yourself the greatest hip hop artist ever?

Wayne: im the best ever and my mixtapes prove that i may not sell as much as pac or biggie but nigger i got them hot flows and im the best jay z what nobody cares about that old man its all about weezy f baby im done with this interview.

haha there it goes what a fucking homo

Friday, 30 November 2007

Where's Cam'ron? Right Here, In This Exclusive Picture!

50 Cent wants the rapper out of the game, but Cam's camp delivered a picture to us that proves he's still around.